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WHEN: 25 June 2014 07:00:00PM (+1000)

WHERE: Sydney City RSL, 565 George St, Sydney, Australia 2000

6:30 PM for early discussion 7PM general dinner-discussion after dinner we'll have our rationality exercise and a more specific discussion-topic.

I'll book another table under the name "less wrong". Last meetup we were in the restaurant on level 2. Every time so far they've set up the table about 5m to the left, after you exit the lift, so there's a good chance we'll be there this time too.

The theme for this month is Goals.

  • Finding out what your goals should be

  • Breaking them into sub-goals and planning your avenues of attack

  • Finding ways of sticking to your planned tasks

It's a big topic, and we probably won't get through all of it in one night - but I'm sure it'll be really interesting.

Discussion article for the meetup : Sydney Meetup - June

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Well, this was a great meetup. Lots of people! Usually we fill the table - this time we were falling off both ends of it! I estimate around 17-18 people. and a great topic that had us all talking about what we want out of life, and certainly kept me thinking until quite late... I hope we'll address this one again, and again!