LW 2.0 Site Update: 09/21/17

by Ben Pace1 min read22nd Sep 2017No comments


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Hey! A few quick updates on edits done today (well, yesterday - we have late work hours).

Thanks Chris_Leong for making a post to document folks' bugs. In the comments ozymandias requested that the page containing every post published to the site organised by day, be more findable. That's now located in the menu (top left-hand corner).

Also in the comments philh wrote a comment of many requests; today we fixed a few of them.

  • You no longer need to include 'http://' at the start of your blog URL

  • You can now see a user's comments in their user page

  • You can now see your own comments in your user page

Other things we did:

  • There is a now page with all comments sorted by recency, findable on the frontpage just under the 'recent comments' section header

  • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to post to Meta

  • When you login, you no longer get redirected to the front page

  • Fixed formatting of RSS posts (more RSS changes coming soon)

  • If you click through to a recent comment, it also has a button to take you to its position in the comment thread.

  • Added various error messages for login and post editing and other things.

And answered an infinite number of support requests (where infinity = 56).

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