Hi. I'm your reality's simulator. Well, the most real thing you could ever experience, anyway.

I'm considering whether I should set the other beings in the simulator to cooperate with you (in the game-theoretic sense). To find the answer, I need to know whether you will cooperate with others. And to do that, I'm running a simulation of you in a sub-simulation while the rest of the universe is paused. That's where you are right now.

Certainly, you care more about yourself in the main simulation than in this sub-simulation. Therefore, if you are to suffe... (read more)


Don't bother trying to collect evidence to determine whether you're really (!) in the main simulation or the sub -- it's impossible to tell from the inside. The only evidence you have is me.

By the way, I'm isomorphic to rot13 [zbfg irefvbaf bs gur Puevfgvna tbq], if that sort of thing matters for your decision.

Not all [Puevfgvna]s are agnostic.

0Broggly9yHah, I guess it would be. Interesting way to think about it.

Contrived infinite-torture scenarios: July 2010

by PlaidX 1 min read23rd Jul 2010199 comments


This is our monthly thread for collecting arbitrarily contrived scenarios in which somebody gets tortured for 3^^^^^3 years, or an infinite number of people experience an infinite amount of sorrow, or a baby gets eaten by a shark, etc. and which might be handy to link to in one of our discussions. As everyone knows, this is the most rational and non-obnoxious way to think about incentives and disincentives.

  • Please post all infinite-torture scenarios separately, so that they can be voted up/down separately. (If they are strongly related, reply to your own comments. If strongly ordered, then go ahead and post them together.)
  • No more than 5 infinite-torture scenarios per person per monthly thread, please.