Contrived infinite-torture scenarios: July 2010

This falls in the same confused cluster as anticipated experience. You only anticipate certain things happening because they describe the fraction of the game you value playing and are able to play (plan for), over other possibilities where things go crazy. Observations don't provide evidence, and how you react to observations is a manner in which you follow a plan, conditional strategy of doing certain things in response to certain inputs, a plan that you must decide on from other considerations. Laws of physics seem to be merely a projection of our prefe... (read more)

Disagree, but upvoted. Given that there's a canonical measure on configurations (i.e. the one with certain key symmetries, as with the L^2 measure on the Schrödinger equation), it makes mathematical sense to talk about the measure of various successor states to a person's current experience.

It is true that we have an evolved sense of anticipated experience (coupled with our imaginations) that matches this concept, but it's a nonmysterious identity: an agent whose subjective anticipation matches their conditional measure will make more measure-theoretic opt... (read more)

2Unknowns9yThis is crazy.
4cousin_it9yWhoa. That's gotta be the most interesting comment I read on LW ever. Did you just give an evolutionary explanation for the concept of probability? If Eliezer's ideas are madness, yours are ultimate madness []. It does sound like it can be correct, though. But I don't see how it answers my question. Are you claiming I have no chance of ending up in a rescue sim because I don't care about it? Then can I start caring about it somehow? Because it sounds like a good idea.

Contrived infinite-torture scenarios: July 2010

by PlaidX 1 min read23rd Jul 2010199 comments


This is our monthly thread for collecting arbitrarily contrived scenarios in which somebody gets tortured for 3^^^^^3 years, or an infinite number of people experience an infinite amount of sorrow, or a baby gets eaten by a shark, etc. and which might be handy to link to in one of our discussions. As everyone knows, this is the most rational and non-obnoxious way to think about incentives and disincentives.

  • Please post all infinite-torture scenarios separately, so that they can be voted up/down separately. (If they are strongly related, reply to your own comments. If strongly ordered, then go ahead and post them together.)
  • No more than 5 infinite-torture scenarios per person per monthly thread, please.