Ames, IA LW meetup Sunday May 8 (First Iowa Meetup!) 2pm

by Matt_Simpson 1 min read2nd May 20118 comments


Date: Sunday May 8, 2:00pm until at least 4:00pm.

Venue: Cafe Milo in Ames, IA (~ 1 hour from Des Moines, ~ 3 hours from Iowa City)

This weekend finals are finally over at Iowa State University, so why not celebrate by holding the first LW meetup in Iowa? Apparently there are a substantial amount of LWers in Ames, given it's small size, so maybe it's time we all came out of the woodwork and met each other. I'll be at Cafe Milo in Ames, IA this Sunday from 2:00pm until at least 4:00pm with a black Sony Vaio laptop, probably of stack of tests that I'm grading while I wait, and a sign that says "Less Wrong." Ames is only about an hour from Des Moines, so anyone from that area or anywhere else nearby should feel free to come as well. I'm willing to talk about anything interesting and rationality related, but let's say the discussion topic is productivity and self improvement more generally for the purpose of having something to fall back on. 

If you're from the area, leave a comment saying whether you're coming or not! If you need to contact me directly for some reason (directions, coming late, etc.) you can call or text my cell: (three one four) four oh one - oh three oh one