Discussion article for the meetup : Bangalore Meetup

WHEN: 22 November 2014 04:10:51PM (+0530)

WHERE: cafe coffee day, old airport road ,Bengaluru

I've registered and created a meetup.com account and a group there. For the first meetup am thinking of Nov.14. (Friday evening). If you would prefer a different date, please post on the meetup group. http://www.meetup.com/Bangalore-LessWrongers-Meetup/events/212529792/

Discussion article for the meetup : Bangalore Meetup

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This worked out good enough. We played the Guess the number principle game, tried the wason card test, and planned for future meetup ideas. Here's a set of pics. https://plus.google.com/photos/110235589351841913894/albums/6084556792473790881?banner=pwa . *

  • -- I haven't named/tagged anyone, but if you're still uncomfortable with public sharing pics, let me know on the mailing list.

Any weekend would make it easier for me.... Does Nov 2nd sound okay?

Can we take these discussions to meetup. Am happy to change dates, as it works for me, but last time there was a mess up due to continuous mess-ups.

Changed to Nov.15th. I won't be checking this page often. If you want to discuss the actual dates do it on the meetup site link above.

having trouble accessing that page.. maybe it's the office settings, ill go home and try again...