Melbourne Meetup: Friday 6th May, 6pm

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When: Friday 6th May, 18:00
Where: TrikeApps office, lvl 2, 55 Walsh St, West Melbourne 3003 (

Enter the somewhat unfriendly building, climb the stairs to the top (2 floors), and turn left.
No wheelchair access (sorry - if you need help there and dignity and safety are not important to you I'm sure we can help you get to the top; if they are important then please speak up - we can at least move the next one to a more accessible venue).


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No no no - don't give me karma for a meetup post! I want my karma to mean more than that :)

It's karma for organising and posting. That is, the people voting up are saying "more like this, please!" The system is working fine ;-)

I think your modesty is unwarranted. :-)

Meetups have the potential to lead to a lot of updating, positive feedback loops, and other real benefits for the attendees. I suspect that very few comments on this site, even the higher rated ones, can match them in that regard.

A little positive feedback and appreciation for the organizers has the potential to go a long way, so that they have some additional payoff for continuing to deal with the tedious logistics.

Plus, karma stands for a thousand different things already. Adding one more meaning to the list doesn't make much of a difference with such a conflated concept.

Voted down to cancel out some of the unwanted karma.


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Nerdy groups tend to value nothing but intelligence.

I think I said I'd be coming somewhere else, but anyway, I'll be coming.

I suggest that we incorporate a discussion about one of the sequences - How about Belief in Belief?

Video which covers BinB.

This clashes with another event for me but I might come anyway.