Many individuals and organisations in the rationality community do an "annual review" (a review of the past year and update of future plans).

In the past I couldn't find a ready made document to complete to undertake my own annual review. Alex Vermeer's stuff was good but not quite ready to go.

With that in mind, I am sharing this annual review/planner template that I made in google sheets.

It incorporates Alex Vermeer's questions and few more of my own. I also added some sheets to add goals and track ‘bugs’.

Please feel free to copy, share and modify it.

Annual review template

Over the past year I have also used a 'daily tracker' sheet to help identify and understand patterns of mood and behaviour and to help me to implement and track my goals

Daily tracker template and video

I shared these on my Linkedin for discussion so feel free to comment there or review the other comments for other methods that people use.

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Awesome, thank you so much for this! I was just gearing up to do Alex Vermeer's annual review and this is super helpful. Note: the last link (to the Google doc) isn't publicly accessible; unless that was intentional, you probably want to change the sharing permissions :)

Thanks! Link sharing should be fixed now. Let me know if not!

In your Daily Tracker, what's the difference between "life satisfaction" and "Overall"?

Thanks for the Alex Vermeer's rework I'll probably use it :)

Glad it is useful! Did you see the comments in the google sheet? Just hover over the cells. Overall is your measure of how the day was overall as a hedonic experience while life satisfaction is satisfaction with life as a whole on that particular day.

This is a great idea. Thanks a lot for sharing.

I have updated this and made some explainer videos - please see here (will add to post when I get a chance)

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