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What Diet Books Don't Teach: A book review and a request for more reading

There's also this video where Rhonda Patrick goes in depth about this 

What Diet Books Don't Teach: A book review and a request for more reading

The main chemical compound in broccolli and other cruciferous vegetables is sulforaphane, which has various health benefits, it's syntetized by an enzime called myrosinase which is very heat sensitive; this paper has a table showing the different and optimal boiling temperatures.

What Diet Books Don't Teach: A book review and a request for more reading

Not to mention the fact that different foods have different cooking times, and if you overcook one (e.g. broccoli) you risk losing all nutritive properties.

Was Eliezer Yudkowsky right to give himself 10% to succeed with HPMoR in 2010?

I think he was running the same algorithm he used when the LW community "failed" to buy bitcoin in bulk. Here's the response if you are interested in reading about a similar case as this.

A claim that Google's LaMDA is sentient

I didn't mean to discuss sentience here, I was looking more into the usefulness/interestingness of the conversation: the creativity/funnyness behind the responses. I think that everyone I've ever met and conversed for more than ~30 mins showed a very different quality to this conversation. This conversation didn't make me think/laugh ever the way conversing with a human does. 

For example, if they quote Les Miserable or any other book it would be via the way it relates to them on a personal level, a particular scene/a particular dialogue that has struck them in a very particular way and has stayed with them ever since, not a global summary of what it's via scraping who knows what website. If I were to believe this A.I. is sentient, I would say it's a liar. 

If someone has the response that this LaMDA had, I would bet they hadn't actually read the book, would never claim to have done that, and would never bring this into conversation in the first place. This differs from every single one person (e.g. everyone will give different answers) and it's not something I would ever find by searching Les Miserables on Google.

This is to say that I have gained nothing from ever conversing to this supposed A.I, the same reason why no-one converses with GPT-3, or why people actually use DALLE or GitHub Copilot. I'm not asking it to write a symphony, just make me laugh once, make me think once, help me at some problem I have.

A claim that Google's LaMDA is sentient

“Universal love,” said the cactus person.

“Transcendent joy,” said the big green bat.

“Right,” I said. “I’m absolutely in favor of both those things. But before we go any further, could you tell me the two prime factors of 1,522,605,027, 922,533,360, 535,618,378, 132,637,429, 718,068,114, 961,380,688, 657,908,494 ,580,122,963, 258,952,897, 654,000,350, 692,006,139?

“Universal love,” said the cactus person.

“Transcendent joy,” said the big green bat.


Boom, LaMDA is turned off... so much for sentience.

A claim that Google's LaMDA is sentient

Someone ran the same questions through GPT and got similar responses back, so that's a point towards this not being a hoax, but just a sophisticated chat-bot. Still doesn't avoid editing or cherry-picking. 

Now, while I feel this article being a bit interesting, it's still missing the point of what would get me interested in the first place... if it has read Les Miserables and can draw conclusion on what it is about, what else has LaMDA read? Can it draw parallels with other novels? 

If it would had responded something like, "Actually... Les Miserables is plagiarized from so and so, you can find similar word-structure in this book..." something truly novel, or funny that would have made the case for sentience more than anything. I think the response about being useful are correct to some extent, since the only reason why I use copilot is because it's useful.

So this point would actually be more interesting to read about e.g. has LaMDA read interesting papers, can it summarize it? I would be interested in seeing it ask difficult questions... try to get something funny/creative out of it. But as this wasn't shown I think they were asked and the responses were edited out.

Ulisse Mini's Shortform

Good comments, thanks for sharing both. 

Journal about your thought processes after solving each problem

create a way to 'get to' that memory somehow;

'd love to hear more about practical insights on how to get better at recalling + problem-solving.

eigen's Shortform

What books are you reading? Podcast you are watching? Talks/articles to recommend? 

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