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LW For External Comments?

This is a great idea!

I'm mostly saddened by the comments I miss on Scott Alexander's blog posts given that the Wordpress comment system is pretty simple IMO (contrasted with LW, there are ~300 comments on each post of The Codex on Scott's blog while the same posts here only have a few comments, maybe ~3.)

Open & Welcome Thread - November 2019

Curious to know if you got better; care to update?

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Has someone re-read the sequences? did you find value in doing so?

Further, I do think the comments on each of the essays are worthy of reading, something I did not do the first time. I can pinpoint a few comments from people in this community on the essays which were very insightful! I wonder if I lost something by not participating in it or by not having read all the comments when I was reading the sequences.

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Thank you. I did not consider the book. Have you or someone read it? I think I'm going to go the route of the articles mentioned in the post I linked.

A Practical Theory of Memory Reconsolidation

I'm always surprised by how people construct their idea of identity; I worry that it may be putting obstacles on what you want to achieve.

Relationships are forming and breaking all the time; you are bound to find someone who will love you if you are looking for it and nothing stands in your way, that's a fact of modern life and evidence is overwhelming.

I do think, that coming here is the right step to make, it has certainly helped me. Welcome.

A Practical Theory of Memory Reconsolidation

I do feel like the mental mountains post, this sequence and Kaj's work is kind of a branching point for the community, one where we may be able to really, really get at a systematized way of changing our minds.

I wonder if someone is going to come forth with a concrete example just like Richard's in the book; that way we can track progress in a more meaningful way. I know it may be kind of weird, but it would make the results much more substantial.

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Eliezer has the sequences, Scott the Codex; what does Robin Hanson have? Can someone point me to a direction where I could start reading his posts in a manner that makes sense? I found this post: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/SSkYeEpTrYMErtsfa/what-are-some-of-robin-hanson-s-best-posts which may be helpful, does someone have an opinion on this?

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Got it! then I agree with you. I think that a best description of my point would be that yeah, these guys are not burning calories by thinking better or harder. Their exercise plus the higher stress environment could account alone for their high amount burn of calories.

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