This is a post about my personal history with transhumanism and world saving.

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Producing content may improve your ability to create (quality) content. If that can help you advance your longer term goals, it may be very useful. If what you want is to create content that does something beyond simply being content, like 'changes/improves people's lives', then it may be useful to create some larger things to facilitate or measure that.


Some "effects" of content, in no particular order:
1. Someone reads the content and that has an effect on their life.
a) After reading a post on getting started with exercise, someone gets started with exercise. (Content leads to action.)
b) After reading a post and liking it, someone decides to read more of the author. (Content leads to reading.)
c) Reading one or more posts leads to someone having a new idea, which they write up. (Content leads to more content.)
2. Content which continues to exist (in it's original form) may continue to have effects like 1. (Above.)
3. The author gains something by making it, like:
a) ideas for more content
b) improved content making ability (writing skill, skill of translating ideas to content)
c) feedback that allows them to improve (similar to b, but feedback can be a form of content made by people other than the author, which can be beneficial for similar reasons to 'original' content)