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by JMiller1 min read3rd Feb 20134 comments


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Hi everyone,

I am unsure if I am formatting this correctly or putting it in the appropriate location.

I think that having meetup notifications is a great idea. A new tab (I.e "main", "discussion" and "meetups") would  make it easier to find your own meetups, as well as create less clutter on the discussion page, leaving it for less administrative matters. What do you think about this?


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What do you think about this?

Let's find out!


The partial solution that I've adopted is to put my meetup date in 2019. This both gives me a reminder to update the meetup time (since, say, Feb 2nd 2019 is still upcoming as of Feb 3rd 2013) and means the Austin meetup is perpetually on the map without spamming discussion (making it easier for others to notice that there's an Austin meetup).

The full solution would be to have the options for meetups to automatically repeat somehow (without spamming, hopefully).

How about making a fourth tab for regular discussion threads, such as Open Thread, but also Media Thread etc.

I think the Open Threads should be easier to find, because otherwise people create new articles containing only a sentence or two, and then the article queue gets filled too quickly. Some of the new authors even say they did not notice that the Open Thread exists; which seriously defeats its purpose.

As a name for the new tab, I would recommend "Discussion", which is already used now. So I think it would be best to rename the existing Discussion to "Articles" (because we want articles there, right?), and to use the name "Discussion" for the new tab with Open Threads etc. (because we want article-less discussions there).

First question: Do you think it is a good idea to make a separate tab for regular discussion threads (whatever it will be called)?


Second question: If the new tab is created, do you think it is a good idea to rename the old "Discussion" tab to "Articles", and use the name "Discussion" for this new tab?


I agree Villiam, the more organization, the more user friendly the site is.

Someone with more experience than I may want to, (in the case where this is implemented) write up a brief guide for users as to what kind of post should go in each tab.