I'm at Cornell University in the rather small town of Ithaca, NY. Are there any rationalists around here who might be interested in a meetup / is there a meetup already taking place?

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I imagine you two have graduated by now. For future people who search lesswrong for 'Cornell' or 'Ithaca' I'm here until probably 2018, and if I find other effective altruism-interested people I'm thinking we could start a campus club. Let me know that you exist!

Graduated last year. Good skill to you. :)

I'm in Corning NY, which is about about an hour drive from Ithaca. The Less Wrong Map doesn't seem to show anyone in the Ithaca or Corning areas, and neither does the duplicate map that someone linked to in the comments. However, another comments link was to the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality wrap party map, which does show 2 email addresses of people in Ithaca.

I know that a large proportion or LWers read HPMOR, but I'm not sure what the odds of any given HPMOR reader being aware of or interested in LessWrong/Effective Altruism. (Although about a third of LW is involved in EA, according to the recent survey.) It can't hurt to email them though.

I'd be interested, and would try to make the drive to Ithaca for a LW meetup, or maybe an EA meetup. My EA-related thoughts are focused mainly around existential risk and global catastrophic risk though, so I'm not sure how much overlap of interest we have within the Effective Altruism sphere.