I'll be in NYC from Oct. 30 to Nov. 21

by SilasBarta 1 min read28th Oct 20101 comment


Sorry for the self-centered post, but I don’t get many chances to be where there are a lot of rationalists.  (We’ve counted about four in all of Texas that go to this site.)


Thanks to the Cosmos’s noticing my need for a place to spend my vacation time this year, I will be staying in his NYC apartment while he’s gone.  I’ll definitely be at the NYC meetups.


So, if you are anywhere near this area and were interested in meeting me, let me know (either on this thread or privately) and we can work something out.


I’ve informed the NYC OB Google group, but figured there would be good opportunities to meet some of you that aren’t on that list or are a bit further away from the city.