Please take a survey on the quality/impact of things I've written

by MichaelA1 min read29th Aug 20201 comment


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If you’ve read anything I’ve written on the EA Forum or LessWrong, I’d really appreciate you taking this brief, anonymous survey. Your feedback is useful whether your opinion of my work is positive, mixed, lukewarm, meh, or negative. And remember what mama always said: If you’ve got nothing nice to say, self-selecting out of the sample for that reason will just totally bias Michael’s impact survey.

Don’t Panic![1]

I plan to use people’s responses as inputs - rather than definitive answers - in my ongoing efforts to plan my career and improve in various ways. And I’ll combine these inputs with a lot of other inputs.

Thus, you shouldn’t feel that this is uncomfortably high-stakes, nor that you should only take the survey if you’re really confident in what you’d say. You can just provide any tentative thoughts you have, and I can be responsible for working out how much weight I should give them, whether and how they should affect my decisions, etc.

(This is a good division of labour, as I know more about myself and the context of my work than you do, but you have the advantage of existing outside of my swirling vortex of alternating imposter syndrome and overconfidence.)

I’ve also added a comment below with more info on why I’m running this survey, but you’re very welcome to answer the survey without reading that comment.

Update: See also my reflections on the survey responses I've gotten so far, and Should surveys about the quality/impact of research outputs be more common?

  1. The Douglas Adams reference, not the Coldplay song. ↩︎