Will be held on November the 5th at 19:00 at Nikola Tesla's Street 30. The place known as The Hekovnik.

We will discuss various topics on this second of many future meetings. Any Slovenian who reads this site is welcome, as any Croat, Austrian, northern Italian or any other currently in the vicinity of Ljubljana.

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About 30 people were there. From 19:00 to 20:30 we were nicely informed, how Neural Networks are used in geology to shift through the raw data. We also saw, how underused NNs are. Will the superintelligence ever be exploited less than its potentials? Maybe not.

In a much smaller circle it was the debate to the midnight. Nothing new for the readers of this site, I guess. I was mostly silent about my real views and since eudaemon has not came, we did not replicate this SIAI - Goertzel schism.

I had something on my mind to discuss about and we will do it the next time.

Early scenarios. Not necessarily for the full blown Singularity , or the full blown Gray Goo or something on that scale, but a total shocker here, or a black swan there, coming out of a lab or a basement in 201X. How and why and what that could possibly mean for the future development.

I have a few nifty ideas, and others have them too! Some could be shared the next time, when the remarks like "the computing is just a mechanism which can't bring you anything new" - will not be considered or discussed at all.

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This sounds interesting, I think I'll be there. :)

This is near FMF right? Can I just ask how many people showed up for the first meeting and what the general topic of debate is likely to be (rationality or will it trend more to some other general LW topics of interest like cryonics and AI discussion?).

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I couldn't come today due to overlapping obligations, I would however love to attend next month or any future meetings.

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Yep, it's right beside FMF.

(If anyone has trouble finding the place, search for "Teslova ulica 30 Ljubljana" on this site: zemljevid.najdi.si)

As for what the topic of discussion shall be... well, for starters, there'll be a presentation about artificial neural networks, and then I guess it'll come to Singularity/(F)AI related themes and probably to cyronics, now that you mention it. :)

Last time there were somewhere around 15 people present, but there might be more this time. Not many LW long-time readers, though.

I will post, what will be the most interesting dialog for my taste. I guess the one between eudaemon and me. We have some disagreements.

And everything essential of what I'll be able to catch, of course.

Damn, and I've got to take the SAT on Saturday >.<

Would have loved to come :-/

I'm from Austria, btw

We plan to have it once a month or so, and you will be probably able to come sooner or later. I noticed you to invite you specially the next time.

Thanks :)

However, I'm probably going to take the SAT again on Dec 4th, so I can't attend Friday 3rd either ^^ (I'm actually taking the Math II and Physics SAT this weekend, in December I'll try to get the 800 on the writing part of the normal SAT I missed on my first try - already got 800 for math and reading)