After some hiatus another installment of the Polling Thread.

This is your chance to ask your multiple choice question you always wanted to throw in. Get qualified numeric feedback to your comments. Post fun polls.

Additionally this is your chance to learn to write polls. This installment is devoted to try out polls for the cautious and curious.

These are the rules:

  1. Each poll goes into its own top level comment and may be commented there.
  2. You must at least vote all polls that were posted earlier than you own. This ensures participation in all polls and also limits the total number of polls. You may of course vote without posting a poll.
  3. Your poll should include a 'don't know' option (to avoid conflict with 2). I don't know whether we need to add a troll catch option here but we will see.

If you don't know how to make a poll in a comment look at the Poll Markup Help.

This is a somewhat regular thread. If it is successful I may post again. Or you may. In that case do the following :

  • Use "Polling Thread" in the title.
  • Copy the rules.
  • Add the tag "poll".
  • Link to this Thread or a previous Thread.
  • Create a top-level comment saying 'Discussion of this thread goes here; all other top-level comments should be polls or similar'
  • Add a second top-level comment with an initial poll to start participation.
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Recently Malcom Ocean wondered about visibility of Main and I have heard that before. Lets poll to (dis)confirm this suspicion.

I check Discussion [pollid:1047]

I check Main (default which is Promoted) [pollid:1048]

I check Main - New [pollid:1049]

I check LW Facebook Group [pollid:1050]

I check SlateStarCodex [pollid:1051]

I check Overcoming Bias [pollid:1052]

I check other raltionality blogs (those linked in the sidebar) [pollid:1053]

I check the LW Slack [pollid:1054]

Hah! No "See results" today. I think all of you can answer these.

[Playground] In this sub-thread you may try polls without anybody being getting angry with you (except possibly some DBA if you really overdo it).

Example: Use this as an example:

[poll]{Option 1}{Option 2}{Option n}

(note: you can see this verbatim because I escaped the "[" with "\" in the comment (another nice trick))

Don't be surprised if you edit your poll later and find this replaced by something like


this is to ensure that your poll stays the same after you edited the other parts of the comment.

Testing [pollid:1090]

[This comment is no longer endorsed by its author]Reply

[Meta] Discussion of this thread goes here; all other top-level comments should be polls or similar.