Hi all, CFAR is looking for a videographer in the Bay Area to shoot and edit a 1-minute video introducing us.  Do you know anyone?

If so, please send an email to them and me (critch@rationality.org) that introduces us!  

We'll need to shoot the video on Wednesday, Oct 16, or possibly Thursday, Oct 17, and have it edited within about 24 hours.

Thanks for any help tracking someone down!



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Paul Graham and company adjust for production value in YC application videos. Someone who did even multiple takes was criticized as being too produced.

Just use a camcorder or whatever.

EDIT: this is a specific case of the YC process being allergic to bullshit and sell. They are looking for whether the founders are awesome and can do great works, so they don't care about polish. (of course basic standards apply).

Also, I'm assuming this is for your YC application