Richard Carrier is a naturalist philosopher, a blogger for FreeThought Blogs (an atheist portal), and the creator of a Bayesian calculator website.  He's looking for more places to read people noodling about Bayes (and he already knows about LW).

This is a request to all fans of Bayes’ Theorem out there: I’m looking for the best blogs and websites substantially devoted to discussing all things Bayesian.  

[He lists a few Bayes links that don't match his criteria]

But none of these are blogs or websites that regularly produce discussion and articles about Bayesian reasoning. And I’m looking for the best of the latter. I’m looking for more stuff like Less Wrong or Maximum Entropy. If there is any. It can be basic intro level stuff, or advanced, but it should be good reading either way, the kind of place a general Bayesian might want to visit monthly to see what’s going down.

Pop on over if you have recommendations, and feel free to crosspost here.  Looking for a tighter filter than just Blogs by LWers.

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And if you do, I'm curious how you decide what, if anything, to crosspost here.

The only suggestion Carrier's readers have offered is:

I posted two suggestions two days ago; my comment is still "awaiting moderation"... too many links, I guess.


Aimed mostly at stat novices/general audiences, but

Here is the link to Maximum Entropy.

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