The URL is

The map displays a reasonably comprehensive list of organizations, people, and resources in the AI safety space, including:

  • research organizations
  • blogs/forums
  • podcasts
  • youtube channels
  • training programs
  • career support
  • funders

You can hover over each item to get a short description, and click on each item to go to the relevant web page.

The map is populated by this spreadsheet, so if you have corrections or suggestions please leave a comment.

There's also a google form and a Discord channel for suggestions.

Thanks to plex for getting this project off the ground, and Nonlinear for motivating/funding it through a bounty.

PS, If you find this helpful, you may also be interested in some other projects by AI Safety Support (these have nothing to do with me). gives a timeline of AI safety training opportunities available gives a list of video/audio resources on AI safety.


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