Some context: Kocherga is a rationalist community hub in Moscow.

There was a large crowdfunding campaign for printing the Russian HPMoR edition last year. Kocherga was the main local pickup point in Moscow; we distributed around 5000 copies to 3000 people.

We wanted to promote Kocherga, rationality and EA among these people (most of them just know HPMoR and don't know much about LW/EA), so I designed a new tri-fold leaflet. We handed it out with each set of books.

The reaction to this leaflet was quite positive, so I thought it'd be useful to do an English translation of it and share it here:

Page 1

Page 2

Some notes:

  • Capital letters in "What's happening in Kocherga" list read "cthulhu fhtagn" in Russian, but I wasn't able to adapt it to English. This might explain why the list looks kinda disorganized.
  • The translation is quite crude, it took me an hour and I didn't edit it as much as I could. If the tone feels a bit off, that's probably the reason.
  • The labels on the Dunning-Kruger graph are «Competence» on x axis and «Test results» on y axis.
  • Here's an photo of the actual leaflet with HPMoR books:
  • If you really like the leaflet and would like to adapt it for your local community, let me know and I'll share the InDesign source file with you.

PS: We're still financially troubled, so if you like what we're doing and want to make sure we keep doing it, please consider supporting Kocherga on Patreon.

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Re. Finances: I have no idea what the other fund members would think of this, but I think you should apply for the LTF-future fund, if you haven't done so already (see the last post that I made).

Whoa, for some reason I thought that LTF fund is not relevant to us, but looks like I was wrong. Thank you!

For context: in the last few months I applied for two CEA grants.

  1. Community Building grants (in December, outside of a funding round, so they warned me that the bar will be higher); they decided not to fund and asked to reapply. In the current Feb 2019 round there's a $150,000 budget cap, and since there'd be a risk of Kocherga competing against EA Russia team (which is separate from Kocherga), I decided not to reapply this time.
  2. I also applied to the EA Meta Fund, since it seemed like a closest match for what we're doing. They responded that they're not interested for now and that I should apply to the Community Building grant instead.

We could work more on improving our reputation on LW and EA forum (I have a few long posts in mind, e.g. our community building strategy which we've developed recently and which we're very hopeful about), but that's a costly strategy and there's a lot of uncertainty on whether that would be useful (for us or for the international community).