Discussion article for the meetup : Psycology of memorization, Thiel Fellow James Koppel, and games

WHEN: 24 November 2012 02:30:00PM (-0600)

WHERE: St.Louis Mo, Kaldi's Coffee Clayton branch


I'm planing to do a presentation with optional exercises on the psychology of memorization with an emphasis on learning names. I plan on focusing on techniques that haven't already received much attention on Less Wrong, but will have materiel on things like SRS prepared in case anyone isn't already familiar with them.
Also, if you'd like to talk to Thiel Fellow and Singularity summit speaker James Koppel now's your chance.  He's told me that will be attending, and since he no longer lives in the St.Louis area you might not get another chance.

I'll also be bringing some games for anyone who wants to stick around after the presentation.  Feel free to bring some of your own.

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Discussion article for the meetup : Psycology of memorization, Thiel Fellow James Koppel, and games

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I grew up in the Saint Louis area, and I lived there until 2008.

Despite St. Louis's recent improvements in public transportation, driving will work best. If you fly to attend, you might arrive at the St. Louis Downtown Airport--which lies across the state line in Illinois. You will probably arrive at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. In both cases, plan to drive to your destination. If you stay more than twenty-four hours, a rented car will serve you best.

Was this meant to be a reply to CAE_Jones? Either way you're definitely right. I've arranged transportation for me and the two people I know IRL who will be attending, and for this particular meetup, if I know in advance, I can probably convince our ride to pick up an extra passenger or two. But in general you need to get a car to navigate St.Louis.

I want to get to one of the St Louis meetups at some point (since they're probably the only ones I could actually get to), though I'd need to fly in and would need a way to get to the actual location. I doubt I'll be able to make this one, but I'll be watching it anyway in case this changes.