Testing Rationality Apps for Science

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TLDR: Do you want to contribute to science by trying out new productivity apps? Then send a mail to re-experiments-on@tuebingen.mpg.de.

Longer version: Do you want to achieve your personal goals more effectively, become more focused and productive at work, improve your planning skills, or learn how to make better decisions?

Then we have good news for you: You can be the first to try out our brand-new productivity and self-improvement apps by participating in our research.

We regularly conduct online studies and are looking for participants willing to try out our productivity apps. You would be amongst the first to test our newly developed innovative applications that foster personal growth and/or productivity.

We are the Max Planck Research Group for Rationality Enhancement at the MPI for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen. Our scientific mission is to lay the cognitive and technological foundations for helping people become more effective. To this end, we investigate how people learn how to think, develop cognitively-informed machine learning methods for discovering rational heuristics, and build cognitive tutors that help people learn faster and cognitive prostheses that assist people in goal setting and goal achievement.

If you would like to contribute to our research and participate in our upcoming studies, please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to re-experiments-on@tuebingen.mpg.de.

If you can think of other people or communities who might be interested in using our apps and participating in our research, then please feel to spread the word by sharing or forwarding this message to them.

Many thanks in advance for your support!

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Falk Lieder‎ from that group gave a talk at the last LessWrong Community Weekend. While most academic research that points into the direction of rationality irrelevant for practical applications, his talk exceeded my expectations.

I forward this request to our LessWrong Berlin mailing list.