I've recently started a podcast with renowned futurist Thomas Frey, and when possible I've been scheduling luminaries in AI Safety, AGI, and mathematics.

Most of the content won't be new to regular LWians, but I thought it couldn't hurt to share a few links. Like and subscribe for future interviews, in the months ahead we've got leading experts in economics, one of the founders of the Santa Fe Institute, the brain behind one of the most popular social networks, and a bunch more. 

Here is our interview with Dr. Roman Yampolsiy (spoiler: he admits to being Satoshi Nakamoto). Before this interview I hadn't heard of 'intellectology', but it's his proposal for a new field that studies the structure and limitations of different cognitive architectures:


We spoke with the director of the Icelandic Institute for Intelligent Machines about his proposed design of a fully generally intelligent system. I don't know if he's cracked that nut, but he's definitely given it deep, serious thought:


My good friend Erik Istre is an expert in nonclassical foundations for mathematics. In our interview with him we really get into the weeds on paraconsistent logic and what it does/doesn't mean, plus its potential applications to AI Safety and metaphysics:


Finally, David Jilk is well-known in AI Safety circles, and in this interview we talk about different approaches to the topic and whether there's any connection to quantum computing:

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