To celebrate all the possibilities of humanity during these holidays, have a possible calendar of the year 12020 of the human era (link to full calendar here).

Minor fact: in the Gregorian calendar, the days of the week cycle exactly every 400 years, so the non-time-travellers among you can use this for 2020 as well...

(previous holiday specials can be found here and here)

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Do you happen to be making a reference to the Holocene calendar? (Which was popularized by this Kurzgesagt video.) It advocates that we reset the zero-year to be 10k years older, thereby set before most of human civilization.

Nope, wasn't consciously echoing that ^_^

I'll be most dissapointed in you if you havent dismantled Mercury by 12020.

Happy new year.

That's actually the fourth Mercury, rebuilt for tourism.

Happy New Year!

Any recommendations for companies that can print and ship the calendar to me?

No idea, sorry - I got my copies printed locally.