One Year of Pomodoros

In a bizarre coincidence, I just noticed that seven years minus two days ago, another person named Alex submitted a post with the exact same title.

(I noticed because the slug my post generated had a -1 at the end.)

The LessWrong 2018 Book is Available for Pre-order

My copy just arrived in the mail and it's exactly as good as I expected!

Logistics for the 2020 online Secular Solstice*

Yeah, I expect Chromium-based browsers will have a good chance of just working, but we will have no resource margin for properly testing anything but Chrome. (I also sort of expect that the kind of person who uses an uncommon browser will be the kind of person to try it anyway.)

The LessWrong 2018 Book is Available for Pre-order

This made me want to buy the hardcopy of RAZ. But I only see the first two books on amazon; is that right? Is there any status update on printing the other books of RAZ?

How I Write

I recommend to all new writers to try and sell a pitch to an edited magazine

I'd be curious to hear more about this recommendation. I've written a few things that I think are good, but when I've considered the idea of submitting to an established outlet, it just feels obvious that there's no reason they should even be giving me the time of day. Do you recommend that I try it anyway, or is your recommendation more like, "write regularly for a few months, get some posts shared on social media, then try contacting editors"?

Why indoor lighting is hard to get right and how to fix it

I've been using this multi-plug remote controller set for several years, and it's great.

Why indoor lighting is hard to get right and how to fix it

One thing I'd emphasize is that, if you're optimizing for as much light as possible, adding diffusers will make your end lumen count take quite a hit. I've never measured it, but I would guess that the loss is on the order of tens of percents. This is pretty unfortunate since naked bulbs are both pretty unpleasant to have in your periphery, and also very unaesthetic. But if you're going as far as erecting structures that power bulbs that are circumnavigating your living room, I'd advocate putting a lot of thought into diffusing the light while minimizing lumen losses.

Coronavirus: Justified Practical Advice Thread

Side note; I would say that the discussion conventions of LessWrong discourage copious use of emphasis with things like bold, underline or all caps. The idea is that writers should strive to convince people with their words, and not with their formatting.

Coronavirus: Justified Practical Advice Thread

I feel like citing WHO is just about as valid as it gets in this context. WHO is just as much "from authority" as citing a few scientific papers.

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