Coronavirus: Justified Practical Advice Thread

Side note; I would say that the discussion conventions of LessWrong discourage copious use of emphasis with things like bold, underline or all caps. The idea is that writers should strive to convince people with their words, and not with their formatting.

Coronavirus: Justified Practical Advice Thread

I feel like citing WHO is just about as valid as it gets in this context. WHO is just as much "from authority" as citing a few scientific papers.

Coronavirus: Justified Practical Advice Thread

Worth noting that a lot of metal handles will be coated with a finish that prevents you from actually touching the metal. This is because these metals (especially copper) can leave a strong metallic smell on your hands which people typically dislike, and also because it prevents the metals from tarnishing. These handles will not help reduce infection and will need copper tape on them.

12020: a fine future for these holidays

Do you happen to be making a reference to the Holocene calendar? (Which was popularized by this Kurzgesagt video.) It advocates that we reset the zero-year to be 10k years older, thereby set before most of human civilization.

Do you use twitter for intellectual engagement? Do you like it?

I seem to have fallen into a pretty specific type of twitter usage. I have a particular domain (spaceflight/astronomy) that I want to get regular information about. I follow all the experts and news sites in that domain. If any of those people also use their twitter account to post e.g. political memes, I just unfollow them. This results in my twitter feed being a consistent source of interesting detailed information on that topic, much of which I wouldn't find elsewhere.

Hope that helps!

Meetup : Maine: Automatic Cognition

Sorry I can't be there for this! The Bay stole me three years ago. But it's cool to see a meetup there.


In 2014, we’ll be devoting more resources to epistemic curriculum development; to research measuring the effects of our curriculum on both competence and epistemic rationality; and to more widely accessible curricula.

I'd love to hear more detailed plans or ideas for achieving these.

we’ll be devoting more resources to epistemic curriculum development

This is really exciting! I think people tend to have a lot more epistemic rationality than instrumental rationality, but that they still don't have enough epistemic rationality to care about x-risk or other EA goals.


MIRI has been a huge community-builder, through LessWrong, HPMOR, et cetera.


Excellent post! I wish my donation didn't have to wait a few months.

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