tldr; Complete narration of the Replacing Guilt series is available here:

I discovered Nate Soares' Replacing Guilt series in late 2019 via the Bayesian Conspiracy podcast and found it immensely valuable. Over ~40 posts, Nate channels the guilt-based motivation that is common in rationalists / EAs into more productive emotional drives.  

I read the series on my Kindle, thanks to lifelonglearner's ePUB version, but was disappointed that no audio version existed. To make it more accessible, I reached out to Nate and got permission to produce the official audiobook.

The rationalist community has a fantastic tradition of volunteer narration — Slate Star Codex , AI to Zombies, and, of course, HPMOR. These free resources have added immense value to my life, so narrating Replacing Guilt feels like my tiny way of reinvesting in our rationalist commons. 

For a 2-minute summary of the series and why you might be interested in it, check out this post (or listen to the audio version).

You can find the individual episodes at The complete audiobook can be streamed in any podcast app, or you can download the mp3 file here.

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I'm not really into audiobook, but Replacing Guilt is awesome, and it's great to have new ways for people to discover and experience it!