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Motivation are the reasons why we think and do the things that we do. Related: Desire, Values. Many questions can asked about motivation such as: i) what does/could/should motivate people? ii) which stated motivations are true motivations for belief and behavior? iii) which motivations are valid vs invalid? iv) How does motivation even work?

See also:

  • Inspirational
  • CEV
  • Utility Functions
  • Elephant in the Brain by Simler and Hanson
  • Signaling
  • Multi-Agent Theories of Mind
  • Rationalization is the act of finding reasons to support a desired conclusion rather than reasoning in ways which reach the true conclusion.
  • Motivated Cognition is when one's thinking does not purely follow processes for generating truth, and are instead influenced by desires/motivation to reach certain conclusion.

Motivation and Belief

In the context of belief, a valid motivation for believing something might be having encountered Bayesian evidence for it; in contrast, simply wishing something were true is a poor motivation for believing and often

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