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WHEN: 21 June 2014 05:30:27PM (+0530)

WHERE: Leela palace, kodihalli, Bangalore

Hi, I am looking for more study partners (aka Bayesian co-conspirators wink) in my attempts at improving my rationality. I am set in Bangalore, India and not sure how many of you are in Bangalore. So how about we meet up in Bangalore sometime in last weekend of June(25th or 26th ) and find out? . As for location, Well there's enough coffee shops around bangalore. I'm thinking of around Leela palace, old airport road, or perhaps leela palace (barista if my memory is right) coffee shop itself.. We can decide about what to do, and how often to meet on that meeting.

Update: Ok people, Sorry got involved in work and forgot to update contact info. It is still on today 21st Jun 5.30 at leela palace. The coffee shop is called Lavazza. Here's a google maps link.https://www.google.com/maps/place/The+Leela+Palace+Bangalore/@12.9607933,77.6482773,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3bae14067cca9bdd:0x111bbe37cc24e71a.

If you can't find the shop or the group or the place gimme a call on 89513655147

Discussion article for the meetup : Bangalore meetup

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Oh well nobody showed up.. Guess nobody was interested. If am wrong someone else post another meetup. Thanks. Cya.. Anand

Ok anybody here yet?

Hey Anand,

I stay in Mysore and I can come over to Bangalore anytime. The location works for me. Do let me know. Very interested to meet you all.

Hi, I am going ahead with the saturday evening schedule.

As regards to the actual agenda, We can have two parts.

  1. A rationality game (First thought like this http://acritch.com/credence-game/, or this http://rationality.org/calibration/) or something else.
  2. Ideas/feedback about what each of us want to get out this lesswrong meetups. (Personally, right now am looking forward to learning how to introduce rational thinking in more aspects of my thinking).

hey guys,

Im actually based out of chennai, but am in Delhi on work currently. During the week 23rd to 29th, I'm going to be travelling extensively, via Chennai, Bangalore, Hyd etc.

I understand that some guys are leaving Bangalore, but I was wondering whether we could have a second one in July?

Sure.. As of now, I am hoping we can have something ongoing on a monthly basis at the very least. I'll set up a meetup account based on how it turns out this saturday. 21st. Perhaps you could make it?

Still currently in Delhi mate. Doesnt look like i'll be done before July. Monthly basis sounds good, I could probably make it for all, or at least most, of those..

Hi, Let's change that date to June 21st evening 5:30 PM. There is a coffee shop inside leela palace. It's called "Lavazza". Let's meet there. I'll post my contacts 3-4 days before the meetup. Comment/reply if you have trouble with that date.

Sorry for the late reply. I am out of town on the 21st. How about some weekday between 23 and 27 June?

Sorry dude. There are other people who are interested and I can't change it now. We can meetup personally, though not sure what will come out of that.

Besides, Am hoping people will be interested in meeting regularly. So let's see later(say next month then)


I wish this (me getting into HPMoR-LW) had started before.

I will be able to attend a meet on the 25th. The location suits me as well..

But I am leaving Bangalore on the 28th for at least two years. Will be glad to see something start, though.

-- Anand

@Anand: Cool.. Let me check out the rationality meetup guide.. I'll look out for activity/agenda planning for a group of under 10.

Can you edit the post and change the meetup date to sometime before the 27th, please?

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