One of our recently-released Clearer Thinking tools, Have Better Conversations with Yourself, walks you through key concepts from Internal Family Systems (IFS). While the ideas of IFS shouldn't be taken literally, many people seem to find that IFS provides useful metaphors and techniques for self-exploration and self-change (which is why we made this tool). If you aren't already acquainted with IFS, we hope you'll find it useful to learn about these ideas in a structured way (our tool helps you apply them to your own situation)! People who are already familiar with IFS might also find it useful to refresh their memory of the concepts.


The tool starts by inviting you to describe an internal conflict (e.g., a situation where different "parts" of you feel like they want opposite things). It then aims to help you to get in touch with your different mental parts (or subagents) and develop a more positive relationship with them. We hope that this will help you to:

  • Get more clarity on internal conflicts

  • Make progress on difficult problems and dilemmas

  • Have more self-acceptance


If you use the tool, we'd love to hear your feedback!


A big shout-out goes to Amber Dawn Ace for developing the tool.

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It's awesome.

I don't have suggestions for improvement right now. I just wanted to say thanks !