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What authors consistently give accurate pictures of complex topics they discuss?

by seez1 min read21st Aug 20193 comments


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When I read nonfiction, I often feel like it's a waste of time because I'm not very confident the author is portraying things accurately/non-misleadingly, and don't often have time or expertise to check (though I'd potentially be in doing this on 1/10 of books I read, or similar, to contribute to a group effort to source reliably books).

I am looking for people who write nonfiction books about complicated topics on which expert views vary (social sciences, theories of why/how important historical events happened, nutrition, overall takes on complex scientific questions like the expected economic effects of climate change) that pass spot checks, seem to weigh evidence rationally, seem focused on truth-seeking over promoting their pet theory/agenda/sensationalistic conclusion, pay more attention to the most important parts of the issue than the minutia, etc. I am guessing this trait generalizes between books written by the same author, but would be interested in cases in which this doesn't seem to hold.

I don't want suggestions for people in the rationalist community or very adjacent to it.

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