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Today, there is a distinct lack of faith. 
This lack of faith has permeated all pairs of 16oz denims, event merch hoodies and smartwool socks. The lack of faith is insidious, bad, and all things molochian.

Actually, screw this manifesto writing style. I am about to meta criticize myself for a style that has NOT aged well and tends to be way too authoritarian in tone but measly in effective information communicated.

Actually, screw this meta-criticism. In all good faith, I didn't have to write the criticism. I could have simply done the internal self-criticism and just deleted what I have written to start anew. Instead, I have now left it as a slightly well-disguised monument to my apparent self-improved and evolution. But really, just to stroke my ego and fill the word count.

Actually, have I written anything of content yet? Have I put my pen to paper and allow the ink to betray my trust when my back is turned? (also known as drying)

Oh no... Better start counting the trains that leave Datong for the trail of coal crumbs.











































Real Content Soon™