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WHEN: 16 November 2014 03:30:00PM (+0000)

WHERE: Curler's Rest, 256-260 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8SH

At lest two of us will be meeting in the Curler's Rest on Byers Road at 3.30 on Sunday. We decided we might as well advertise here so that a. anyone who is interested can come along and b. (more likely) anyone who thinks this is much too short notice for a meetup can let us know that they exist, and we can arrange something that better suits other people next time.

I'll bring along some sort of activity/game/something that can keep us entertained/avoid awkward silences if people do turn up.

If you are intending to come, feel free to PM me on here, and I'll get back to you with contact details so you can find us.

Discussion article for the meetup : Glasgow (Scotland) Meetup

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Got another potential b) here.

Just to be absolutely explicit, if you can't come, but would be interested in coming to a future meet up in Glasgow, please post here so we know you exist.


Just saw this, but will sadly miss it. Would be very interested in future meetups.

I saw this before the meeting happened but couldn't get off work on such short notice, but would be interested in future meetups.

We will be organising another one relatively soon. If you pm me your email address, I'll include you in hype discussion

I exist. I'm actually more east coast, but it looks like attempts to set up an Edinburgh meet-up have fizzled out, so if I can make it to a future Glasgow one, I would be keen to come along.

I made it to this one and I'm Edinburgh based. If there's enough interest I'd be up for alternating Glasgow/Edinburgh

It's only a little less faff for me to get to Edinburgh than Glasgow, but I have far more people I can stay the night with there, so please keep me posted.

I also exist!

I saw this one too late, but I'm up for Edinburgh or central Glasgow in the future.

This happened, and there were five of us. More successful than I expected for a first meetup!

I would be interested in future meetups, althopugh I currently work during weekends (but could arrange to work different days with enough notice.)