Meetup : Munich Meetup, Saturday September 10th, 2PM

by David Althaus1 min read3rd Sep 201110 comments


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Discussion article for the meetup : Munich Meetup, Saturday September 10th, 2PM

WHEN: 10 September 2011 02:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Munich Central Station, Coffee Fellows cafe, Bahnhofsplatz 2, First floor.

I will be there with a Lesswrong sign. If you can't find it, you can call me: 0160-93132663 .

According to a doodle-survey 5 people (including me) could attend. And of course you are welcome too!

If the cafe sucks, we could easily go elsewhere. I've merely chosen the place, because it's relatively nice, near the central station and easy to find.

Lurkers and newbies are very welcome!


P.S. :  Could you please drop a short comment if you're planning to attend?

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wow, a LW Munich meetup that's nice to know!

Why, are you from Munich?

[-][anonymous]9y 2

I'll be there.

Great! Me also.

[-][anonymous]9y 2

(Oh well, "invest in experiences" says the happiness research. And remember Dunning-Kruger, of course. I feel totally inadequate, but maybe I just don't have any good reference points, and this will turn out to be a lot of fun, and I won't be the only incompetent idiot among geniuses. (Self-reported LW IQ average is 145, after all.) But maybe I'm just panicking because I have no idea what awaits me. Only one way to find out.)

I'm coming. I might arrive a bit early due to the train connection, but who knows. In case anyone is traveling Karlsruhe -> Stuttgart -> Ulm -> München by train, I have a Wochenend-Ticket and can probably include you for free. I'll have to leave around 20:30 or I'm stuck somewhere in the Bavarian woods for the rest of the weekend.

See you then!

(Worst case, I'll read a couple of books on the train, buy an over-priced chai and crash at the college library. I've made worse decisions. Don't be so insecure.)

I'm coming.


(Oh, and if you are really the guy who writes stuff like this I'm pretty sure that you're smarter than me. Hope that helps.)

Would like to attend, but probably can't at that time

Curses, I missed this announcement, and am now indisposed. Well, maybe next time...

Coming after all, hooray!