[LINK] OpenAI doing an AMA today

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The OpenAI research team is doing a Reddit AMA today! A good opportunity to ask them questions about AI safety and machine learning. 

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Here is a thread from LessWrong/Reddit user 'jimrandomh' asking questions which will be most pertinent to the LessWrong userbase, and supporters of MIRI.

Here is a long thread where Eliezer himself jumps in and has an interesting conversation attempting to bridge gaps of understanding between the perception of other Machine Learning (ML) researchers of MIRI's goals and concerns, vs. what their goals and concerns, re: AI safety, actually are.

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To arms, my brothers and sisters! This could be a highly consequential opportunity for those of us with concerns but without the connections or finesse or approach them independently with those concerns! Upvote critical questions!

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