New Sequences and General Update From Castify


You may have noticed the announcement last week of Less Wrong's partnership with Castify to create Less Wrong podcasts. We're happy to announce that we now offer three new sequences. For those who want to try us out, we are also offering Eliezer's seminal essay, The Simple Truth, as a standalone 99¢ purchase (it's also part of the Map and Territory sequence).

Our channels:

We have audio samples on our site if you're curious.

In other news, we're still working to make the promoted posts available as a monthly subscription. We'll keep you up to date with the progress on that. It's still a few weeks away.

Side note: Because of user feedback, we have removed the one year download restriction for sequences purchased. However, we have added a clause in our terms of service that gives you a minimum of two years to download the audio, if only because living forever is hard, even for digital goods.

See you in the comments.