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Thanks everyone. How to Actually Change Your Mind up next.

What we'd probably do is, for most articles, just tell you it's best to read the article here. We've done that quite a few times before and try to let people know we do this when describing the product.

I suppose what we'd really like to know is the expected value of of each sequence so we can do the one with the highest expected revenue. We could have asked you to put probabilities of purchasing each sequence next to the name of the sequence. Maybe next time…

One of our customers uses a Firefox plugin called downThemAll which, given an podcast feed, will download all the MP3s for you. I suspect this will most closely resemble the outcome you're looking for.

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We're doing LessWrong content as audio. There are currently several commutes worth of audio from the sequences, with more coming soon.

FYI, The Simple Truth, as an experiment is now CC-BY-SA licensed.

The issue is that we have been called parasites, yet we haven't done anything parasitic—in fact, short of asking for feedback, we haven't done anything at all. We are asking for feedback because we don't want to be parasitic. We understand there will some people who will never be comfortable with us using their stuff, some who wish to be compensated, some are happy to allow LessWrong [management] to decide what's in their interest and some who are happy to freely allow us to use their material, perhaps subject to some restrictions.

What's offensive is you using loaded terms to those who are actively trying to engage with you to maximize the utility for the community. If the end result is that there are no terms beneficial to both us and the community, so be it. The premise that we'd like to use your stuff with no benefit to you is incorrect. We would rather not pursue our business model than be parasites.

That was why we created this discussion in the first place.

In response to some of the comments here and as a bit of an experiment, we've made The Simple Truth mini audiobook available with a CC-BY-SA license. Enjoy and share alike.

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