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Bubbles in Thingspace

It occurred to me recently that, by analogy with ML, definitions might occasionally be more like "boundaries and scoring-algorithms in thingspace" than clusters per-say (messier! no central example! no guaranteed contiguity!). Given the need to coordinate around definitions, most of them are going to have a simple and somewhat-meaningful center... but for some words, I suspect there are dislocated "bubbles" and oddly-shaped "smears" that use the same word for a completely different concept.

Homophones are one of the clearest examples; t

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Spiracular's Shortform Feed

by Spiracular 1 min read13th Jun 201928 comments


I was just thinking about how to work myself up to posting full-posts, and this seemed like exactly the right level of difficulty and exposure for what I'm currently comfortable with. I'm glad that a norm for this exists!

This is mostly going to consist of old notebook-extracts regarding various ideas I've chewed on over the years.