Just a reminder that the Long Term Future Fund application is closing in two days. In past rounds we received 80% of our applications the day of the deadline, but I am not sure whether that is contingent on us reminding everyone that the application is closing soon, so I will continue creating these reminder posts for now.

As a reminder, here is an excerpt from the application form of what kinds of grants we are looking for:

We are particularly interested in small teams and individuals that are trying to get projects off the ground, or that need less money than existing grant-making institutions are likely to give out (i.e. less than ~$100k, but more than $10k). Here are a few examples of project types that we're open to funding an individual or group for (note that this list is not exhaustive):

+ To spend a few months (perhaps during the summer) to research an open problem in AI alignment or AI strategy and produce a few blog posts or videos on their ideas
+ To spend a few months building a web app with the potential to solve an operations bottleneck at x-risk organisations
+ To spend a few months up-skilling in a field to prepare for future work (e.g. microeconomics, functional programming, etc).
+ To spend a year testing an idea that has the potential to be built into an org.
We are also interested in applications for larger projects, or potential future long-term organizations that require more than $100k of funding.

You can find more details on the kind of project we are likely to fund on the fund page (in particular I recommend reading our past recommendation writeups): https://app.effectivealtruism.org/funds/far-future
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