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Thank you for stumbling upon a way to make link posts work for me on mobile after landing on them through an RSS reader.

I think link posts are broken for everyone currently, as far as I can tell. Have a bonus link to the follow up blog

Huh, for some reason this wasn't actually a link post. I made it a link post now. Was there any problem in adding a link? (I.e. you have to click the grey button at the top that says "Create Link post" and then post the URL in the text field that shows up)

I did that. But it ended up in the state you found it in. I saw someone else complaining about link posts (so I thought it was a known problem)

Weird, I will have to see whether I can replicate it.

I haven't investigated a lot of link posts, but my recollection is that (at least recently) every link post has been broken. Note: this is not necessarily extra evidence since I may well be the person whpearson mentions who complained about link posts :-).

I think you were!