Does anyone have a recommended textbook, video course, etc?

I'm doing my best to make sense of what's happening with COVID-19, mostly by making simple exponential models under simplified assumptions. But it seems like I could be doing better than that, if I knew just slightly more of the basics.

Furthermore, I keep hearing people use epidemiological words (like RO (R0?)), that I understand in a basic way, but I don't have an intuition for. I would like to have clear explanations so that I can make up exercises for myself , and have a sense of how the variables relate to each other.

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Jan Michelfeit

Mar 15, 2020

30 is quite nice. It's basic, introduces the terminology, but doesn't really cover thinks like the reproduction number AFAIK.


Mar 15, 2020


I'm currently focusing on molecular stuff but after that I plan to start reading Rothman's "Epidemiology: An Introduction", which I've seen broadly recommended as the gateway drug to Rothman et al's "Modern Epidemiology", which is the standard textbook on the subject. So either of those might be worth a look?

[And yes, it's .]