A Case for Taking Over the World--Or Not.

byFlange Finnegan3mo14th Apr 201911 comments


As my education progresses, I'm seeing more and more paralells, through some fictional but generally nonfictional accounts, that sugget that the world is broken in a way that causes suffering to be an emergent property, if not intrinsic. Not just HPMoR (and Significant Digits after it), but in FDR's State of the Union Speech, The Grapes of Wrath, Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel, among other works. People have been aware for most of human history that, because of humanity's rules, people must suffer.

Knowing that this whole site is more or less dedicated to defeating unconscious ays of thinking and holds the mental enlightening of the human race paramount, I would like to pose this question:

What would we have to do to save the world?

Before breaking this question and this intent down, I'd like to clarify some things:

I am solely concerned with the practicalities, not with what people would or should do. Anybody who's seen enough of the world and how it works have an idea of the immensity of it, but humans made the current state of events what they are today (barring other undiscovered factors not covered by my priors), with the majority of them being largely redundant to the process in one way or another. People have demonstrated repeatedly that a group of people can have an impact disproportionate to their individual means.

What would have to occur, in the current political, economic, social etc. climate and onwards?

Would it have to be conspiracy? Or something else?

You can ask any other bounding questions that you would like, such as "What is the minimum amount of manpower and resources required to accomplish X through the most expedient and readily available means?" At the end of the day (so to speak) we should be able to shortly arrive at some sort of operational plan. There's no sense in taking this knowledge and not using it to further our cause.