New Haven / Southern Connecticut Meetup, Wednesday Apr. 27th 6 PM

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To all Less Wrongians in the New Haven / Southern Connecticut area: Come join us for dinner at Yorkside Pizza and Restaurant (288 York Street, New Haven CT) on Wednesday, April 27th at 6:00 PM. There is currently no established LW meetup in New Haven, but we are starting one, and me and some of my friends will definitely be there. Contact for info. It will be awesome!

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Similar situation. I'm in Middletown and while going to NH is not too bad (bus & train), coming back (only option: taxi) is going to be expensive.

I can give you a ride home, but might have to do so at 9pm at the latest.

Excellent. Thank you! I'll see you there.

Turns out I can't come. Way too much work. Thanks for the offer, Thom. Have fun everyone.

Cool. This is a sub-optimal alternative compared to driving, but there is frequent Greyhound service between New Haven and Hartford.

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Any ongoing meetups in this area? I'll be moving to Hartford, CT around 9/16/2011

I believe tommccabe would be the person to ask about that - I'm pretty sure there's a Yale group now.

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That would be fantastic! My starting date is being pushed back slightly, I'll be there Oct 17/18th, and then more permanently the start of November. I've only actually been in Hartford once, so any suggestions you have for the area would be appreciated :) I still need to figure out where I'm living :/

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I'll be coming straight from work, but I might be able to give people rides home to places like Middletown and West Hartford. I'll check in later when I'm sure.

UPDATE: Yes, I can give people rides home. Possibly no later than 9pm, but I may be able to work something later out once I know what's up.

I'd be interested but can't make it. I'm rehearsing that night for a concert on the 30th with New Haven Oratorio.

In fact, I probably can swing by for a short time, will just have to take off at 6:45, and may not get there by 6, but I'll give it a shot.

I will be there.