The Singularity Institute needs to hire remote HTML & WordPress workers. (For example, we need to move dozens of Singularity Summit talk transcripts to our new WordPress site and fix any formatting errors that result from that move.) This requires basic knowledge of HTML and WordPress.

Pay is hourly and starts at $12/hr but that will rise if the product is good. You must be available to work at least 20 hrs/week to be considered.



  1. Work from home, with flexible hours.
  2. Age and credentials are irrelevant; only the product matters.

If you're interested, apply here.


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do you still hire workers?

Was thinking of applying, I already work 40 hours a week and am unsure how easily I could do a further 20. Seems like it would be useful sort of thing in the future if I'm freelancing or travelling. Shame about the current hour limit.

How is the hiring working, if "Age and credentials are irrelevant": Those who submit first get the first shot?

I got pumped out by the oportunity.