Open Thread: October 2009

I don't know how I missed this comment at the time, but it demands a reply.

Although it's difficult for me to mentally organize such a reply, because I simultaneously believe all of the following:

  1. You probably were learning "old rules of music followed by dead composers."

  2. That doesn't constitute music theory.

  3. Your teacher's incompetence was likely not personal, but inherited from the discipline of "music theory" as a whole, which in my opinion has a far from satisfactory understanding of its own subject matter.

  4. However, your objectio

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What readings and activities would you recommend to someone interested in becoming able to compose music, as opposed to learning how to play any particular instrument?

Open Thread: October 2009

by gwern 1 min read1st Oct 2009436 comments


Hear ye, hear ye: commence the discussion of things which have not been discussed.

As usual, if a discussion gets particularly good, spin it off into a posting.

(For this Open Thread, I'm going to try something new: priming the pump with a few things I'd like to see discussed.)