I have created a list of Overcoming Bias posts for Robin Hanson available here. Additionally, using the links inside each posts, I have created a set of graphs (available here) such that if post A has a link to post B, then there is an arc from B to A. Enjoy! (There are also ones for Eliezer here).

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This is wonderful. I'm rather new to LW/OB and I've been reading through chains of posts.

I was about to start working on something just like this to help myself and other new readers.

Thank you.

What I like is that I can look at the list of referenced previous posts, and see which posts I should read.

Did you construct these automatically, or by hand?

Automatically, because nobody hates life this much. Although when you look at it zoomed out, it's kind of beautiful.

If you are talking about pretty pictures, then this looks much better.

Automatically, If I did it by hand, it would have looked nicer. I'm working on this project again, so I hope to have some much more user friendly things coded soon. Ill make what you mentioned as well.

I just meant that I can look at the list of Eliezer posts, and see which ones he referred to a lot, and read them.

Only, now I see I can't easily do that. I misunderstood the list. I thought it was strange that each post referenced one other post. Actually, I don't understand this at all. Can you explain how to interpret the index?

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I see quite a few with multiple outgoing links. Node 443, for instance has 5 outgoing links.