For those in the New York City area:  I will be giving a talk on Friendly AI at the NYC Future Salon this Saturday, the 20th of February, at 3:00pm.  We'll be gathering in the back room of Stone Creek Bar, located at 140 E. 27th Street in Manhattan.

At the moment, 29 people have RSVPed "Yes" and 10 "maybe," with 21 spots left.  If you're interested in comming, please RSVP through the Future Salon's meetup group, as space is limited.

Those of you familiar with the existing FAI literature probably won't hear anything new, but we have the venue for over 3 hours and my talk should only take 20 to 30 minutes, so there should be plenty of time for stimulating discussion.  Be sure to bring your toughest questions!  This would also be a good opportunity for those who haven't made any of the local LW/OB meetups (we have a meetup group now!) to meet other aspiring rationalists in the NYC area.

I look forward to seeing some new faces.

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Greatest city in the world.

Jasen, is your talk and any ensuing Q&A going to be recorded? I can't be there, but: advance cheers.

Yeah, It will be recorded. I'll add a link to the post when the video is up.

How was it? Did you manage to extend your talk with some questions?

Would love to see the video. It would be great to see what can be done.

Sorry I won't be able to come to your talk after all. As I suspected, I will still be in Pittsburgh. Good luck!

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Nice! Will probably be there.