Hello, I am curious about your most basic preferences. I would like you to state them as many as possible. 

You can use relation signs (<, >, ...), E. g.: true knowledge > ignorance > false knowledge, which would mean that you prefer true knowledge over ignorance, and ignorance over false knowledge.

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Nicole Dieker


Specific, replicable actions that lead to predictable, desired results > specific, replicable actions that lead to unpredictable, desired results 

(with the understanding that you may need to grind unpredictability for a while until you get what you need to consistently achieve predictability)

(example being "building freelance career" vs. "maintaining freelance career") 

(actions that lead to undesired results aren't even on the table for consideration, of course)

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Theories or mathematical frameworks with concept names that are easier to remember. (Looking at you, Category theory.)

Excuse me. What should be easy to remember? Concept names or whole frameworks?

Concept names.