Meetup : Less Wrong Israel Meetup (Tel Aviv): Quantum Computing

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Discussion article for the meetup : Less Wrong Israel Meetup (Tel Aviv): Quantum Computing

WHEN: 28 November 2013 08:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: 7 begin ramat gan

We're going to have a meetup on Thursday, November 28th at VisionMap's offices, Gibor Sport House, 15th floor, 7 Menachem Begin st., Ramat-Gan.

Our program is:

20:00-20:15: Assembly

20:15-21:00: Main Talk

21:00-22:00: Dinner & Discussion

22:00-23:00: Rump Session (minitalks)

23:00-: End of official programming

Main Talk: Quantum Computing / Anatoly Vorobey

We're used to living in a world where things happen in order. But in reality of quantum physics, things work a little differently. This lets us do all sorts of cool things which starting with the basics of computing theory - you'll learn about in this talk.

Backup Talk: TBA

Rump Session: Each participant will give a 4-minute talk (+3 minute encore if we applaud hard enough). Giving a talk isn't mandatory, but it's highly recommended. Not confident that what you have to say is relevant to our interests? Unsure about your public speaking skills? Doesn't matter - in the rump session, anything goes. - Note, you don't have to prepare a talk to come! Speaking at the rump session is completely only if you want to.

Feel free to contact me (Gal Hochberg) at or at 0545330678 for any further information

Discussion article for the meetup : Less Wrong Israel Meetup (Tel Aviv): Quantum Computing

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[-][anonymous]8y 2

I guess I can try to come down, though I don't remotely have a talk prepared.

Now, can someone explain why a map marker that's supposed to be in Ramat Gan appears just to the west of Tel-Aviv ha'Haganah Rail Station?

The map marker is, incorrectly, at Derech Menachem Begin st. in Tel-Aviv rather than Menachem Begin st. in Ramat Gan where it's supposed to be. Hopefully Gal can fix that.


Waiting to see everyone there.