Eliezer to speak in Oxford, 8pm Jan 25th

by alexflint1 min read17th Jan 201114 comments


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Next Tuesday Eliezer will be giving a talk in conjunction with the Oxford Transhumanists entitled "Smarter-Than-Human Artificial Intelligence: Predictably the Most Important Thing in the History of Ever". The talk is open for everybody and it would be great to meet any of you that are in the area and can come down. The talk will be followed by drinks at the Turf Tavern, and hopefully we will be able to drag Eliezer with us for further discussion.

When: 8pm, Tuesday January 25th
Where: Saskatchewan Room, Exeter College, Turl Street, OX1 3DP (there will be ushers to guide you to the room from the college entrance)

Eliezer doesn't often speak in this part of the world so don't miss it!