When I'm on my phone and click a link in Facebook I want it to open in my normal browser, but it defaults to an "in-app" browser. I really don't like in-app browsers, and I think Alex Russell's explanation of their problems is very good. I've turned this behavior off, but Facebook regularly forgets my decision, most recently a few weeks ago. The setting had moved since the last time I did this, so here are screenshots showing how to turn it off on Android:

Click on the icon of your profile image overlaid with a hamburger menu in the upper right, and scroll to the bottom:

Click "Settings & privacy":

Click "Settings":

Click "Profile settings":

Click "Media and contacts" settings:

Toggle "Links open externally":

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Even if you do this, they continue to keep opening links on their broswer. I even uninstall et reinstall the app.

That's annoying! Maybe try filing feedback inside the app?

(My guess is you're in some experimental treatment that as a side effect accidentally overrides the setting)

I uninstalled the app at least in part because of this.  I use m.facebook.com in my normal browser (firefox on iOS).